Sattvikee is led by enormously talented designers who can effortlessly blend age old traditions with progressive aesthetics. It's the brain child of Mrs.Dhanvanthri Satish who gets her inspiration from Indian artisan and very passionate about Indian craftsmanship being revived and put to use at its best.

Dhanvanthri Satish after being worked as a product developer for more than 10 years for international brands like Diesel/Superdry/Fatface and tommy Hilfiger,she always had a passion and craving towards Indian craftsmanship and indian textiles and hence Sattvikee is born with a vision to revive ancient heritage on Indian and imported textiles.

Sattvikee Boutique is a pride of Chennai. Mrs. Dhanvanthri Satish , seamlessly, has established an elite niche for high end customers who Opt Elegance as fashion ,the boutique has gracefully weaved its own niche in Chennai.

"At Sattvikee ~ We design your dream attire for your big day. Customised orders for all your special occasions can be done with our in-house team of designers and craftsmen."